5 Positive Things About Pokemon GO

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This Article is for all you Pokemon GO haters out there, hating on the success of our fellow Poke Trainers bringing harmony to the world. The only thing we’ve seen so far in the news about Pokemon Go is the negative aspects of playing the game, such as exploring a bad area or some tragic accident happening and the blame getting put on Pokemon GO. Well that’s exactly why i’m writing this article, read below to see 5 reasons why Pokemon Go is a Positive thing and by all means … rub it in a Pokemon GO haters face!



5. Reducing Obesity 

Obesity all over the world, mainly America has been on an uprising in public society ever since the first few fast food chains have been released. Since Pokemon Go has been released we’ve seen an increased amount of Players strolling through parks, historic monuments and lovely scenic areas looking for Pokemon. Increasing in out-side activity that will help players live longer through walking, jogging and even taking the kids out for a stroll in the park. Walking has multiple benefits, such as healing your mood ( Nature has been known to be a natural remedy to those with anxiety and depression.) Walking also decreases the risk of Heart Disease, Obesity, Strokes, High Blood Pressure and even type 2 Diabetes! Who would have known Pokemon Go would be so healthy?


4. Creating Friendship and Connections with other people

All over the world, tons of people close themselves inside of their houses and keep themselves away from people which is known broadly as Social Anxiety, and Pokemon Go has just the cure for it! By literally forcing you to go outside in order to experience the full aspect of the game, you get to meet other players a’long the way all looking for what you are, Pokemon. We’ve seen an increased amount of communities spring up based around the 3 Pokemon Teams Valor, Mystic, and Instinct and with these teams people create positive friendships with fellow team members in order to take down other teams gyms. Now if you’re one of those highly enthusiastic Pokemon players then we all know you’ve visited a Lure or two, these lures bring about huge crowds of Poke Trainers all looking for Pokemon which everyone seems to be nice, sharing their Pokemon CP levels and Pokedex. With battling and trading coming out within the next few months we hope to see an increase!


3. World Wide Communication

What a better way to bring the world together in such an important moment in our history? With devastating tragedies such as the Orlando Night Club shooting and the Paris attacks, all of these Middle Eastern wars and bad events in Africa, Turkey and other parts of the world. Pokemon Go let’s us put behind our governments bad decisions and lets the true people of the world communicate and share our skills as Poke Trainers. I myself have met new friends all over the world ranging from India, Germany, Australia, Africa and even the UK being from America this is great for me to learn about other cultures and how my new friends live different lives apart from myself.


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