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Ok i finally got it all formatted – no idea if people will still find this post or not, but its a collection of information that i have gathered from my experience. I keep adding to it as i come across stuff.

Below is a compilation of tips from a few days playing.

Gym Battles

How do i take part in Gym Battles?

  • To get involved in gym battles, you first need to get to level 5. If you click on a gym before level 5, you’ll get some dialog that basically says, “Come back when you are level 5”.
  • Once you are level 5, when you first click on a gym (even if its out of range), you will be asked to join a team (after a bunch of story text). I dont believe their are any differences in the team at present, so just pick your favorite color which is team red.
  • To actually take part in a gym battle, you need to get within range (just like a pokestop) and click on the gym.

What can you do at an enemy Gym?

  • When you goto an enemy gym, your goal is to take it over and make it your color. To do that, you need to lower the prestige of the gym so that the gym boots out the current occupants. Once they have been kicked out, the Gym will turn White which means its free for anyone to take over. The first person to put a Pokemon into the Gym will capture it for their team.

How many opponents are at the Gym?

  • When you click on the Gym, up the top it will say the level of the gym. The level determines how many Pokemon can be stationed at the gym. So if the Gym is level 3, there can be 3 Pokemon in the Gym. Just under the level, there will be a crown icon and maybe a few “dots” beside it. The Crown is the leader of the gym and the dots are the other Pokemon at the gym.
  • If you have clicked on the gym, swiping left/right will show you which Pokemon are actually in the gym and what their combat power is.
  • The Pokemon with the highest Combat Power (CP) is the leader – so if you add a Pokemon to one of your teams gym and your Pokemon has higher CP, you become the leader of the gym.

How do you lower the prestige of the gym?

  • To lower the prestige of a gym, you need to fight and win against the defenders. So when you get in range of the gym and click it, you will see a “boxing glove” icon down the bottom right. Pressing that will pop up a small screen that will show your best 6 Pokemon based on health/CP (so as Pokemon lose health, they will slip out of your top 6). If your happy with the team selected, just hit “Go”.
  • Sometimes the game gets stuck between hitting the “Go” and before the fight starts – if it happens, restart the app and then just do the above again.
  • I still stand by my recommended strategy of simply tapping as fast as you can in the combat. It does make it easier if your team does “super effective” damage against the enemy. so if you can work that into your team compisition, it will make it easier. But i have not had much success with dodge or power attacks when tapping fast just seems to do the job.
  • As you beat the enemy Pokemon at the gym, the prestige of the gym will decrease. You need 2000 prestige per Pokemon stationed at the gym. So as the prestige lowers, there will be less Pokemon defending.

How does fighting work in the Gym Battles?

  • The big thing to realise is that the combat in the gym battles is not turn based, its real time. This has some pros and cons. The core thing you need to know is that the faster you tap the screen, the more attacks you are doing. So against the AI, you are simply attacking more times then them by tapping fast. I found i performed way worse if i tried to dodge / special attack.
  • So everytime you tap the screen to attack, you will build up the blue bars. When you have enough blue bars to cast your special (if you click on your Pokemon outside of combat, the number of blue bars next to their skill is the number of blue bars you need to cast the special), simply tap and hold the screen for about a half a second and it will register the special attack. Then i recommend going back to tapping ๐Ÿ™‚
  • You may be required to dodge as Pokemon get stronger but for now, i still stand by my method of just tapping that screen as fast as possible.
  • If you are an experienced Pokemon player, if you can setup your team to have Pokemon that do “super effective” damage to the enemy Gym team, then the furious tapping of the screen will go much faster. But i’ve done alright by simply fielding my best 6 Pokemon and just tapping the screen.

I can only choose 1 Pokemon and not 6, what is happening?

  • If you are at a gym of your own team, you will only be able to choose 1 Pokemon and “train” it. If you are at an enemy gym, you can choose 6 pokemon, if your at a friendly gym, you can only choose 1 pokemon.

What moves can you do in Combat?

You can do 4 things in combat:

  • Tab the screen = Attack
  • Swipe left/right = Dodge
  • Tap and Hold = Special Move (You require 1 bar of blue built up which is done by attacking)
  • Swap the current Pokemon (so far, this just makes you take way too much damage as combat is real time – just constantly tap the screen for now – may change once Pokemon are stronger)

An example Gym Takeover – From my run around tonight

  • So you rock up to an enemy Gym and find out its in range and its a level 3 Gym with 3 Pokemon stationed with a reputation of 6000. You swipe left to see the relevant Pokemon stationed and you believe you can take it out.
  • You decide to fight and for this first fight, you will need to beat all 3 Pokemon to win. Because you are awesome, you do win the fight and the gym loses 3000 prestige. So the Gym’s prestige goes down to 3000. Now 3000 prestige is only a level 2 gym, so the lowest level Pokemon gets kicked out as the Gym can know only support 2 Pokemon
  • Because you are feeling good, you decide to fight the gym again. You still get to select 6 Pokemon but it will automatically select your best 6. This time, the you only have to beat 2 Pokemon (the enemy Pokemon are restored to full health between fights) before you are declared the winner. You breeze through this challenge and win the fight, the gym losses 2500 prestige. This leaves it with only 500 prestige which takes the gym down to level 1. This means the gym can only support 1 Pokemon so the worst Pokemon is booted out.
  • Now this gym only has 1 Pokemon defending it and its the leader. So you once again challenge the gym and this time you easily crush it with your 6 Pokemon team. This loss takes the prestige of the gym to 0 and so the enemy team is booted out of the gym and it becomes white (neutral)
  • When you click on the gym this time, down the bottom left you will see an icon which will allow you to put one of your Pokemon in the gym to claim it. Doing that and the Gym is now your teams color.


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