Eleven Times Naruto Caught Us Offguard


Naruto has given us many twists and turns troughout its run, this is a big part of its appeal. So here are Eleven Times Naruto Caught us Offguard. Please keep in mind this is in no particular order and are just some of my picks.
#11 Lee drops his ankle weights

Facebook-c07738I remember watching this scene as a kid and every time I watch it, it still seems special.
The moment they hit the floor and shook the arena, crumbling the area, was incredible. We knew Lee had some skill, that much had been evident since his altercation with Sasuke. But this, THIS, was something that caught the characters and the viewer’s offguard for sure.
#10 Pain destroys Konoha

maxresdefaultLooking at this moment from an expositional standpoint, its elegant and powerful. Pain was already explained and shown to us that he was incredibly strong. This feat made him seem god like.
We hadn’t seen something like this before, something so destructive, so shocking, so impactful. People really did believe it was the end for some of our most beloved characters. It was truly unexpected and that’s what made it so great.

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