There’s something special about short anime. They come into your life like a breeze and leave just as quickly, whilst making you feel so good. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso does all of this, and more.


Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, translated to English as “Your lie in April”, is a 22 episode short anime of the slice of life genre. It has its fill of comedy and romance, and is really engaging.

Kousei Arima, the main character, is a shy little boy in junior high school. He happens to be a prodigy on the piano, the untouchable victor in all competitions.Kousei Arima

The show introduces a number of really well developed side characters in their most natural element, allowing us to relate to them.

Watari, Kousei’s best friend;Watari the guy girls go crazy for, who’s also the captain of the football team.

The captain of the baseball team, Tsubaki, Kousei’s “high maintenance elder sister”.  Kousei’s neighbour and best friend.



And Kawori Miyazono, the beautiful maiden and violinist, the free spirit.Kawori Miyazono

(yeah I know that’s not a violin so what she’s really talented!)