AnimeBlog’s Fan Art Contest July 2016

    BeFunky Collage   e
    Hello, our 2nd Anime fan art contest commences now. The results will be assessed on the skill you have in anime drawings or painting.
    BeFunky Collage 2
    ( L: Cezara Pescu C: Priscilla Kop R: Kassidy Harjo)
    The details are as follows:
    • One art per person so select the art you think is your best or you can make a new one and take a nice pic of that art .
    • Contest will start on 1st of July and end on 20th of July.
    • Top 5 drawings will be announced on 25th of July and featured on the website for the whole month.
    • Judges are authors from our website i.e Muneeb Hashmi, Yasei Kokoro and Nikki Nguyen.
    • Ask any other question in the comment section below
    • Send your drawings now at [email protected] and I will most probably reply in 12 hours.
    • Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for results.
    If you are wondering, these are Winners of Fan Art Contest May 2016.
    Please share this with others as there were a lot of people complaining last time that they were not told about the contest
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