Top 8 Coolest Characters In One Punch Man


Here’s my list of 8 of the coolest characters in One Punch Man, from the least coolest to the most. I know some people would’ve wanted Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask, as well as Tatsumaki (Tornado). But I personally feel, Sweet Mask is way too irritating, and Tatsumaki is childish as well as irritating, so I haven’t included them.
Some of the content of this article was manga-based, so I suggest the only-anime-watchers, to turn back. I’m sure I would’ve come across some more cool characters in the web-comics, but I haven’t started reading it, so I can’t help it.

8. King
A spoiler for all the people who haven’t read the manga, though King may look all badass, he isn’t really strong. But I really like how his story was built up. He just happened to be at places, right after Saitama left after defeating really strong monsters, many times. This gave him the reputation of the strongest human on earth. Even all of the S-Class Heroes fear and respect hum. How hilarious is that? And I can’t, obviously, forget to mention the King Engine. King Engine, which people think is the sound that symbolizes an enraged King, in reality is just King’s heart that beats a bit too loudly, when he’s tensed. But there is one thing he has mastery over, that’s video games. (And believe me no one beats him at that, Blizzard and her 30 men tried!)


7. Atomic Samurai
Atomic Samurai has had a really small role until now in the anime as well as the manga. However in the small amount of exposure he has received he has highly impressed me. His strength and rivalry with Silver Fang is impressive and entertaining for the audience. His belief of honour and consideration for his students just makes him more admirable. He’s definitely badass, which isn’t rare being a character in the One Punch Man series. Atomic Samurai with his disciples, Iaian, Okamaitachi and Bushidrill, is a force to be reckoned with.


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