Fairy Tail Side Story Review – Stone Age

Chapter Stone Age
Written by Shiggins
Hiro Mashima tackles gender politics.
Let’s go ahead and assume Hiro Mashima is an odd duck. When he’s bored, he gives us a great side story chapter. And considering the heavy drama we’ve been getting recently, it’s only fitting that Mashima-senpai would choose now for a chapter filled with fanservice, laughter and… some very odd conflicts between genders in this surprising chapter.
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The year is 10,000 BC. Seriously. The caveman Natsu and his cat Happy are hunting a warthog together, while Gray and Gajeel watch on. Natsu chases the warthog through the bushes and throws his spear. The spear lands in the water, where Natsu comes across a woman figure with a large behind bathing.
First Zera. Then Zeref. Now Lucy.
First Zera. Then Zeref. Now Lucy.
The female tries to run away, but Natsu catches them easily and is shocked to find that they have no sausage between their legs. Scared and confused, they let the non-sausage man dress and tie her up, taking her to meet the village elder. All the men of the island stare in confusion at this new being, and they all collapse due to their sausages feeling rage from looking at the bodies of this person.
What kind of man asks their penis for help in a scary situation...? Oh. All men. Okay.
What kind of man asks their penis for help in a scary situation…? Oh. All men. Okay.
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