What If Pokemon Became Zoids?

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What do Power Rangers, Transformers, and Voltron have in common? Yes a part of our infancy, but what else?

They involve giant robots! In many shows these robots resemble powerful animals, these awesome ‘mechs’ (I know transformers aren’t technically a mech) fight battles that are more destructive than most. Just imagine these mechs based off of our beloved Pokemon. Intriguing right? That’s why in this article I have provided a look into , these well thought out designs.

Japanese artist 太斗· has converted many Pokémon into Zoids and I thank him for doing such a wonderful thing. I adored watching Pokemon as well as Zoids on Kids WB & Cartoon Network as a kid. But the idea of combing these two was very creative. And obviously took a lot of talent.


pokémon entei

I can see you now looking as this picture and saying “I have to share this image to my friends right now!” Hold on till the end I know you can. All over the world a lot of people really love Entei, I mean he was ranked as number 18 on (IGN’s Best Pokemon).  As he should be, but him becoming a Zoid makes him 10x cooler in every single way.

The volcano pokemon who we all haved loved since watching Pokemon: Spell Of The Unkown its not the only who gets a new design but also the other Legendary Beast’s. (Raikou and Suicune)



Imagine having devastating bombs and missiles in your Arsenal alongside the aforementioned elemental abilities. One thing I’m not a big fan of about pokemon is how you’re always behind the scenes, your not personally doing the fighting yourself. You’re just making the calls for the Pokemon, however if Zoids were involved you could have direct control and influence over the battle providing an intense atmosphere and making the battles seem more destructive than ever!

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