What Digimon does better than Pokémon!



I feel the need to instantly clarify to anyone reading, I love Pokémon well shall I say loved, I watched/played up until ‘Black and White’ I also thoroughly enjoyed Pokémon ‘Origins’. Despite my love for Pokémon I also loved Digimon up to season 3 (Digimon Tamers) and I loved Digimon Tri despite its flaws.  These aspects aren’t necessarily things that Pokémon did bad, instead I just feel Digimon did better.

Quick disclaimer: This list is not taking movies into account


Without a doubt the ‘Digivolution trees’ in Digimon are more interesting, more complex and simply more badass. Overall there is no argument to this point, the branching path of Digivolutions that suit a tamer and the Digimons personality rock whereas a Pokémon always evolve into the same thing, it’s quite bland in comparison.  If you are still struggling to believe what I am saying, then perhaps this will change your mind.



From this alone you can see the different routes each protagonist’s ‘companion’ can go, well Digimon clearly has more diversity.

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