New Generation of Shounen Manga. Top 5 Recommendations.


With the end of Naruto‘s manga it all began. All of the big “Shounen” mangas like Assassination Classroom, Gintama, one piece, Fairy Tail, Nisekoi, etc. Have come to an end or are really closed to in next 1 year or so. But where there is an end there is always a new beginning. And by that I mean the fresh new generation Shounen mangas.

Here are top 5 new generation of Shounen Manga:

5. Black Clover


It is story about a young boy Astar, who pursues to become the Magical Emporer. He is selected to join Black Bulls under Magical Captain Yami. Astar being one of the unfortunate has no magical power inside of him, not even a single ounce, he is selected by the “Black Clover” grimor, which summons the anti-magic sword which he uses to beat the “strong evil magic nations” and works his way towarts becoming the Magical Emporer.

With a protagonist very similar to Naruto. Black Clover has been on run for 1 year,  and still running strong. For the people who loved Naruto and want another series similar to it,  I can’t recommend any other series than Black Clover.

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