6 Ways Light Could Have Won The Game !!



Almost all Death Note fan out there feel that there was no way Near could have beaten Light. So now in this artice I am going to list down some creative ideas on how Light Yagami could have vanquished Near from some innovative minds.

Then let’s get started with the list already.


6. Mikami could have pretended he was Kira! Mikami simply should have altered the plan when he was eavesdropping at the door, and then he should have signalled Light that he would write down Light’s name and pretend to spell his name wrong. Because Near said that whoever’s name wasn’t in the fake Death Note, they were Kira. Later as it is, Light manages to see the names list in the chaos and kills everyone present there.

– Mist Singularity

5. Light should have instructed Mikami to bring the fake notebook at the warehouse. Then Mikami would write down names of presentees in the warehouse except Shuichi Aizawa. Then everyone will suspect Aizawa to be Kira. Near will be baffled to think Aizawa used him for accusing Light to be Kira since Aizawa was the one who told Near about L’s suspicion of Light being Kira and also about exchange of notepads at the meeting of Light and Kiyomi Takada in absence of surveillance cameras. Then it will be declared to the world that real Kira was Shuichi Aizawa. SPK will arrest Aizawa and Mikami. Then Light will find a chance to see the names of SPK members in the fake notebook and have enough time to kill SPK and Kira investigation team.

– Raj Kamal Lashkari

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