Reasons To Pick Up One Piece: Burning Blood


The release of One Piece: Burning Blood is right around the corner on May 31st, and with the free demo available for download I couldn’t be more excited about trying it out! From what i know about the game, it’s a fight game similar to the Ninja Storm series. But as I play it it doesn’t feel a Ninja Storm game, which to me is good because they did a whole new engine just for this game its self. The graphics look more like the Manga than the anime, but the attacks are just like the anime shows them as.

The demo only has 4 characters: Luffy, Ace, Aokiji, and Franky! I fully understand thn at they added in Franky to combatant the fear that people must have about Devil Fruit Eaters and Haki users are stronger but play as Franky I can see that he is just as good at Aokiji if you can use him right.  As I play i found myself enjoying the game! I was shouting ou the attacks I knew from watching all 700+ episodes of the anime, and I can’t wait to see what other characters are going to be playable with the purchase of it and though the DLC.

The story is going to be the Marine Ford Arc. It has the most well know characters in it so it seemed like and easy pick for a good story. For those of us who knows what the Marine Ford Arc is then you know it will be a wild ride. Everyone else who hasn’t seen it, don’t worry I won’t spoil it here. Just have a box of tissues near by.

There are only a few minor details I wish they would fix. The camera angles could be a little better, a little more control for the user to make it more friendly. At the moment the camera can only be moved back or left and right. I wish it was only a little higher so I could see the battle better. Other than that I really didn’t have an opposition.

With the release date as soon as May 31st, You should hurry and pick up your copy today! This unique fighter has plenty to offer with a compelling story, online play, couch versus, and plenty of additional DLC and characters to come. Don’t forget to pick up your pre-order to receive 3 different Luffys: Afro Luffy, 4th Gear Luffy, and Samurai Luffy.

Don’t forget to yell “I’m gonna be king of the pirates!”.

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