Black Goku from 6th Universe..?


We all have heard rumors and theory from all around the world fans of Dragon Ball Super about Black Goku and what possibly have caused him to turn out too be a bad guy, Till we don’t have any confirmation form the original production team we cant say anything.Still we can post our theories and other fan theories right..!? xP
So here’s one possible theory of Black Goku.


First that this Future Trunks is not same as the Future Trunks of Dragon Ball Z arc.As we all saw the look of this Future Trunks it does not resembles the one from the Dragon Ball Z arc, there is a might possibility that this Future Trunks is a different Trunks or might be a Future Trunks of the present time, because the Future Trunks we knew had a different type of future the Goku in his timeline is already dead not only Goku but all the Z fighter on earth are already dead so there is a least chance of Black Goku coming from his timeline, So it logically cancels out the arriving of Future Trunks we knew and the Black Goku of his timeline.


So where could this new character Black Goku may have come…!?
Remember the earth Beerus wished back….remember this earth was destroyed due to war ! There’s a quit a chance that the Saiyans which are a protective race send this Goku for sorting out the stuff on universe 6 earth but slowly and gradually this Goku turned out to be grim and changed his good nature to a bad one.  But when Beerus wished back the planet earth to live every one was born again as a result this Black Goku or Evil Goku was also born and let to slaughtering of this earth. Simply this act of this Evil Goku caught eye of Vados, and Vados managed to convince this Goku to fight on behalf of Universe 6 in the Grand Tournament between all the universe.Later this Goku turned out to be the worst of all and killed every one including the Gods so little trunks of this time grew up and went to past to warn every one about this Black Goku.


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