Fairy Tail chapter 486 review


Hello, everyone. I’ve decided to start reviewing manga chapters and the latest chapter of Fairy Tail, 486, is my first one. If you have any ideas on how to improve the quality of the review, leave a comment below. I’ll answer to all of them. Let’s get started.

First, I will start with a short summary of the previous chapter. Brandish really wants to help Fairy Tail, although she doesn’t know how to deal with August. Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus gain new hope and will to fight after Yukino slaps Sting and he got his sanity back. Cana struggles to fulfill Mavis’ wish (she has to destroy her astral body). Gajeel starts fighting the new teased Spriggan 12 Bradman, The Reaper.


Short summary

Gajeel versus Bradman

The third guest, Oracion Seis

Reaching August, the Magic King

The Fourth Guest, Acnologia

Levi and Gajeel

Eileen’s preparations to fight Acnologia

Name of the next chapter

My thoughts

~~~~Short summary~~~~

The fight between Gajeel and Bradman continues. The third guest, Oracion Seis, is making its appearance on the battlefield and Eileen mentions a fourth guest she will have to handle herself. Natsu, Brandish and the others are finally reaching August, the Magic King. The fourth guest is revealed to be Acnologia and Eileen starts the preparations for their battle. Levi helps Gajeel in his battle against Bradman. Zeref looks worried that Eileen started her preparations.

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