Dragon Ball Super: How Powerful Will Future Trunks Be?

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks And Black Goku power
Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks And Black Goku (Theory/Prediction)

Episode 47 is scheduled to mark the beginning of the new arc of Dragon Ball Super. It hasn’t been named officially yet. So for the time being let’s call it ‘ Future Trunks vs The Wrath Of Black Goku ‘. So obviously this arc will mark the return of Future Trunks who is one of the most popular and on demand Dragon Ball character ever. In the same arc we will get to meet with the enigmatic Black Goku. Both the characters raise a lot of curiosity.

But here I’ll particularly share my thoughts, theories and predictions on how strong Future Trunks might be!


First of all let’s check out the information we already have about him in our hands-

It has been mentioned multiple times that ‘Future Trunks ‘is returning. Meaning the Trunks that is coming in the upcoming arc isn’t from any alternate timelines or a new universe or shits like that. . Based on the information Toriyama and TOEI has given us till now he is the exact same Future Trunks that we saw in the android-cell saga in Dragon Ball Z.

So the last time we saw him he was back on his timeline after Perfect Cell was defeated on our timeline. He then killed Android 17,18 and Imperfect Cell on his timeline with no difficulties at all.

Akira Toriyama’s latest announcement on the Future Trunks issue-

“Next time in Dragon Ball Super adult trunks will make his first appearance in a long time.

Despite being so strong, Trunks barely escape from the future with his life.

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