Top 10 WEAKEST Shinobi in Naruto

Weakest Shinobi Naruto

So there’s plenty of lists that highlight all the strongest and most badass Naruto ninja. But today, I’d like give a nice big shout out to our WEAKEST and most pitiful shinobi in Naruto.

10.  Ebisu 


I don’t know how this clown is a Jonin. Not only has a Genin level Naruto beaten him with sexy jutsu, but Ebisu was SAVED by a Genin level Konohamaru when pain was about to kill him. You can pretty much defeat him just by exploiting his perverted nature..

9. Anbu Fodder 


Lets face it, the Anbu are pretty lame. They were introduced as an elite class of shinobi only second to the Hokage, only to be seen as explosive kunai throwing fodder who get out smarted and killed at every turn…

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