How Anime and Tolkien SAVED My Life – LIFE STORY

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“As a 80s kid, I always found myself an somewhat of an odd ball. Being the only Japanese kid in the class back then was awkward to say the least.

In 5th grade, I had a big kid, Jullian who would lean over his desk to ask my “why did you bomb Pearl Harbor.” He was twice my size, so naturally I avoided hime whenever I could.

Consequently, the teacher who was a war veteran hated the Japanese. Twice he ripped up my artwork in front of the classroom because “it was done on the wrong color paper.” It was around that time I watched Naussicaa for the first time and felt a peace that everything is going to be okay despite the times I felt were horrible.

Things were going to be okay even in the times of chaos. It was around that time, I also had finished reading JRR Tolkien Hobbit in which I found a similar theme when the elves, humans, and hobbits were on the brink of losing the battle against the orcs. Flash forward today, now married five years and with two small children.

I still remember those times and its been a while since I last watched either shows or books. Yet, looking at my wife, beautiful 2 and 4 year old, reminds me of those two heroes to persevere to keep love, redemption, and forgiveness even in the times where there seems to be no hope.

As an freelance comic artist, and Magic the Gathering illustrator, I wanted to combine these elements in my own first graphic fantasy saga, The Foreigner, which is now on Kickstarter. ”


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I found Ken’s Graphic Fantasy Saga, The Foreigner’s kickstarter video on Youtube, and it’s pretty good, I think you should check it out.

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