Dragon Ball Super: Future Of The Z Fighters

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Till Now Dragon Ball Super has been mainly a Saiyan god show. The Z fighters or the human fighters specifically ( Krillen, Chiatzuo, Tien, Yamcha and Master Rohsi ) are yet to get any push. But longtime fans want them back on action so in the forthcoming episodes will they become relevant again?



Till now we have already seen 40 episodes of Dragon Ball Super and we are yet to see any mentionable improvement or any indication of the return of the Z fighters in action. The title of episode 44 however slightly hints toward a possibility which I’ll highlight later. To be honest after seeing Resurrection F I really thought ‘Super’ might start utilizing the Z fighters again.

Z Fighters in Resurrection F:

They gave a decent amount of screen time and action to Krillen, Master Roshi and Tien in the Ressurection F. Master Roshi got a huge power boost and it’s kind of unexplained since Roshi was considered to be useless even against Raditz.

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