Anime knowledge quiz – round 1/5


Hello, everyone. As promised, we are having an anime/Japanese culture quiz. If you don’t know/remember the rules, prize, format and so on check them out here:

Rules, format, prize etc.

In order to completely avoid cheating (such as editing comments), ALL THE ANSWERS HAVE TO BE SENT VIA EMAIL to [email protected] The answers in the comments will be ignored. Only one answer per person is allowed so take your time if you are not sure before sending the email. You can ask for a confirmation (if the mail was received) in the comments, I will answer.

If you missed this quiz, it’s okay. You can join the second one, there will be 5 in total. Good luck and let’s get started!

  1. What is this character’s name? What anime does he feature on?


a) Ryuuto Sakamoto – Nurarihyon no Mago

b) Ryouta Sakamoto – Btooom!

c) Ryuusei Sachio – Casshern Sins

d) Ryuuta Saiki – SKET Dance

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