8 Ichigo Kurosaki Facts Absolutely Worth Knowing

Ichigo Kurosaki Facts

Hello, everyone. Everyone who watched Bleach knows about our main protagonist, Kurosaki Ichigo. Even people who did not watch the series heard of him since Bleach is/was really popular. If you do not read the manga you might want to stop now since this article contains major spoilers!


  1. Real Zanpakuto

What we saw in the anime was never Ichigo’s real Zanpakuto. We all thought that the old man is Zangetsu and the white Ichigo represents his hollow powers. However, that’s not the truth. In the manga it is revealed that the white Ichigo is the real Zangetsu while the old man is representing his Quincy powers (second fact). The old man stated that Ichigo was using only a fraction of his power, the fraction he couldn’t suppress. After his speech, even if he said that his name is not Zangetsu, Ichigo acknowledges him, which will lead us to the 8th fact.


Ichigo with his real Zangetsu(s)
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