Dragon Ball Super April 2016 Schedule, Tournament Winner Revealed

Dragon Ball Super April 2016 Schedule, Tournament Winner Revealed

Dragon Ball Super April 2016 Schedule, Tournament Winner Revealed


NOTE: The descriptions contains major spoilers, read at your own risk.

  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 37 – April 03, 2016
    Don’t Forget your Saiyan Pride! Vegeta vs the Saiyan of Universe 6
    Vegeta fights Cabba and forces him to go Super Saiyan. However, a Super Saiyan Cabba is no match for Vegeta who shows him the power of Super Saiyan Blue!
  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 – April 10, 2016
    Universe 6’s Mightiest Warrior! Meet the Assassin Hit!!
    It’s a martial arts tournament between Universe 6 and 7, with Earth hanging in the balance. Vegeta’s final opponent is Hit, the strongest man in Universe 6. Hit is so laid-back it’s terrifying, and seeing this Vegeta realizes he must be strong. In fact, Hit is renowned as the greatest assassin in Universe
  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Part 1 – April 17, 2016
    A Fully-Developed ‘Time-Skip’ Counterattack!? Is It Coming!? Goku’s New Technique!
    Vegeta squares off against Hit in his Super Saiyan Blue form, but Hit uses his “Time-Skip” technique to repeatedly attack Vegeta where it hurts, knocking him out cold. Trying to figure out the trick behind Hit’s “Time-Skip”, Son Goku likewise challenges him in his Super Saiyan Blue form.
  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Part 2 – April 17, 2016
    Hit Improves, Goku Declines
    Hit has the ability to skip time ahead just one tenth of a second. Goku counters this “Time-Skip” by predicting what will happen 0.1 seconds later, but Hit continues to improve as the battle wears on. And so Goku busts out the Kaio-Ken and fires a Kamehameha!

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  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 – April 24, 2016
    The Conclusion
    The tournament against Universe 6 for the fate of the Earth has finally come to a close. Furious at Hit and his teammates for losing, Champa tries to destroy them. As Cabba and the others are frozen in terror, someone enters the ring
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