If One Piece had a football team

One Piece Football Team

If One Piece had a football team, how would it look like?
I got this idea from a fellow author who made Naruto’s football team, you should check it out.

Only characters we know about included, that’s why people like Shanks and Roger are not in the team. This team isn’t based on their power level, it’s based on their ability to play football (in my opinion, I was a footballer in my home country). If you have any other ideas for the team, feel free to leave a comment below.

The formation is: 4-1-2-1-2 (Attack)

Goalkeepeer: Garp

In his prime, Garp was the only Marine able to fight on par with the Pirate King, Roger. He’s also nicknamed „The Fist” which is fitting for a goalkeeper. He has insane strength, speed, endurance and reflexes so if somehow anyone makes it to the goal Garp will be there to catch/punch the ball away.

Garp in his prime.


LB: Luffy

As a LB you need to be fast, strong and you need to be able to run a lot, back and forth. He has immense speed with his Gear Second, strength with Gear Third and in case of emergency he can always use Gear Fourth. He should be able to provide his teammates with good passes because he can predict where they will go with his Observation Haki.


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