Top 10 Anime Mascots

Written by Shiggins
A recent look back at our previous works has made me to come to realise I am indeed scum. A request from long ago has now finally been fulfilled, provided by commenter Teybor, and I am ashamed to admit it took so long and got forgotten about behind my collection of videos of hentai, game shows and Breaking Bad. So as an apology, please allow me to provide you all with the anime characters that don’t just show off their personalities. They represent their own show/movie/game/cult, and they do it proudly. Here are our top 10 mascots that we at Otaku Nuts love!
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10. Monokuma (Dangan Ronpa)
“Let’s give it all we’ve got! IT’S… PUNISHMENT TIME!”
If there is a more sadistic mascot out there, we’re all truly doomed. Danganronpa’s mascot is none other than a creepy bear with a mocking voice that says basically whatever the fuck he wants and dear god, he is hated! Possibly the only character on this list to actually advertise himself as a mascot and then try to sell people his own merchandise, Monokuma is unforgettable but that doesn’t necessarily make it a good thing.
Proud to be a bear of despair, Monokuma gets an almost perverse pleasure from watching the students of Dangan Ronpa try to overcome his motives using friendship, before he tears them down and makes them realise just how weak and pathetic they are to him. Of course, his true moments to shine are during the infamous executions, where he proceeds to batter, fry, chop, smash or explode his victims into whatever horrifying shape he chooses.
Of course, Monokuma isn’t technically the main villain of the series as he is just a robotic toy, but he acts as the vocalist for the mastermind’s schemes and the mystery behind who the culprit could be is part of the reason we’re so interested in Monokuma. He’s capable of doing anything, so long as he can ruin someone’s day and will literally laugh at them for it. That and he’s such a bastard!
9. Elizabeth (Gintama)

“A true friend will always protect a friend’s back. That is what I learned from my friend on Earth.”
How the hell do I categorise this thing?! Man? Woman? Duck? Costume? Unholy abomination we dare not question, lest it feast on our innards? …I’m going with that last one actually, because it fits Gintama’s creation quite well. For those who don’t know, Elizabeth is the pet and friend of rebel Katsura, and is only able to communicate through signs that he/she carries with them.
As a member of the Gintama franchise, Elizabeth is just as ridiculous as their co-stars and can often be found playing along with the tomfoolery that bombards the series. From dressing up as Mario’s Luigi, to becoming a cyborg, to parodying just about every single anime out there, Elizabeth has done it all. And yet, I’m still damn terrified of it.
What makes Elizabeth interesting is just how odd it’s entire existence is. In fact, there’s multiple Elizabeths! There’s a Darth Vader Elizabeth who rules over them all, and the Elizabeth of the series might literally be the Director of the anime! I am so not joking. It’s weird. Elizabeth is weird… and that’s probably why it’s so endearing and we keep giving Elizabeth attention.
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