Naruto Shippuden March Schedule 2016


Naruto Shippuden March Schedule 2016

Pretty awesome episodes ahead, I’m absolutely loving Itachi Uchiha’s arc. How about you guys?

Below are the episodes date and Summary

March 17 – #453 – Pain of Life
Itachi who had graduated from the Academy and became a genin, he teamed up with his comrades Tenma Izumo and Shinko Inari and their team led by a jonin-ranked shinobi Yuki Minazuki. Their first mission was requested by Nekobaa (The granny cat and Tamaki’s grandma) was to look for the stray cats. But they’re not ordinary cats, they are ninja cats.

March 24 – #454 – Shisui’s Request
Itachi was getting some practices as a request by his best friend, Shisui. The practices were three, the first one was to explore the whereabouts of the fugitive, and the second one was to encamp at night. Itachi learned many things from Shisui and their bond became stronger. And in the end of their practices, Shisui and Itachi came across the Root Anbu for their combat with the Hokage.

March 31 – NO EPISODE
April 7 – #455 – Moonlit Night
Due to his great abilites, Itachi became an Anbu captain and took the orders directly from Danzo rather than Hiruzen to preserve his position. However, later he was forced to act as a double agent to monitor the coup of his clan.

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