Top 10 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters

Yugi Jaden Yusei

Over the years, the Yugioh game has developed rather drastically, as has the anime, for that matter. All several series of them. Now, I’m quite a keen player of Yugioh myself, currently running five different styles of decks, ranging from simple high-hitting Masked Heroes to swarming effect Raidraptors. And, as a celebration for winning a local tournament (I went in with an Atlantean deck, winning three games and losing one), I thought that I’d list, in my opinion, and in no particular order, the top 10 best Yugioh characters!

Crow Hogan
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds
Crow HoganI, like many others, got back into Yu-Gi-Oh with the introduction of the over the top, overly dramatic bike riding duels, and the introduction of Synchro Summoning (Pretty white cards, they look so nice ^_^ ). And when it comes to Synchro Summoning, there’s few better than “The Black Whirlwind” Crow Hogan! His characterisation, especially in the Manga, is very amusing, taking a more relaxed approach than the stern and serious Yusei and Jack, yet still hides a side of sadness and troubles within him.
Oh, and then there’s his deck. Blackwings. HELL YES!!!
Blackwings specialise on swarming the field before the opponent can react and overpowering them immediately with a barrage of powerful monsters. I love swarming decks like these, and Crow’s use of it in the anime was masterful, especially once he brought out the terrifying Blackwing Armour Master.

Declan Akaba
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V
Declan AkabaIt’s quite a risk, putting an Arc-V character on this list, as the series is still ongoing. However, it’s certainly better than Zexal, so I feel like I can place a character on here without fear of being rebuked. I’ll be the first to admit it. Declan is practically the future version of Seto Kaiba. They’re both powerful CEOs of huge companies and renowned masters of Duel monsters. However, unlike Kaiba, Declan is actually far more polite and level headed, keeping cool even under moments of seemingly hopeless dueling and, well, business affairs. In short, Declan is the stereotypical “cool” character in anime. You know, like Kyoya in Ouran High Host Club. In fact, almost exactly like Kyoya in Ouran High Host Club. And we all love characters like this.
Then there’s his deck. Declan uses a D/D/D themed deck; fiends, mostly, D/D’s focused on either XYZ or Fusion summoning to bring out the massively powerful D/D/D’s while keeping the field under control with “Dark Contract” spell and trap cards. My partner actually uses D/D/D’s, and used right, they’re fast and brutal, if you’re willing to pay life points, which Declan certainly is.
Also, as an additional point, D/D/D’s are themed around business related things, like contracts and presidents, much like Declan is a CEO of a huge company himself. So it’s symbolic!

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