Naruto Storm 4: DLC Pack #1 Teaser Trailer


Shikamaru’s Tale, the first DLC pack for Naruto Storm 4 will be released on the 15th of March! Season pass holders will get the DLC Pack earlier than usual however and they will get a bonus Akatsuki Team Combination Jutsu to make them even more exclusive! This DLC Pack includes:-
– Shikamaru scenario pack
– 7th hokage Naruto costume
– Asuma x Shikamaru secret combination jutsu
– Team Kurenei secret combination jutsu
– Past hokage secret combination jutsu
Boruto x Naruto secret combination jutsu
– Previous costumes from previous Naruto Storm games
– Akatsuki secret combination jutsu by getting the Season Pass!

Check out all of the Ultimate Jutsu in Naruto Storm 4!

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