10 Strongest Taijutsu User – By Rank

Strongest Tajutsu Users

Top 10 Strongest Taijutsu User BY RANK

This list contains the masters in this feat, when their names are mentioned, the true fans blood boils with excitement, now to explore them.

10 Killer Bee

Was very adept at taijutsu wich gave him an upper hand for a while against samehada and kisame. Against taka, despite being outnumbered he outnumbered the team with his strong taijutsu skills combined with his mastery of kenjutsu

9 3rd Raikage

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The fact that i have put him together with bee so low is that without their lightning chakra nature then their taijutsu is useless, as it completely rely on chakra in oder for it to be effective, together with his super speed he was considered to be carrying the strongest spear, through the use of his fingers assault where when the number of fingers involved reduces with increasing thrusting power

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