10 Anime Battle Music That Will Definitely Give You Chills

anime battle music theme

Hello everyone! As a musician, hearing awesome songs in anime really gets my heart going. It adds to the drama and gives that little bit extra that the Manga occasionally just can’t achieve.

There are some songs that excel over the others, though, and here I have compiled, as always, in no particular order and with a one per series rule, my top ten favourite battle songs from anime!
Bang Bang Have a Nice Dream
Soul Eater

Look at any other anime and I can nearly guarantee that you will not find any other battle theme quite as whacky and unique as the battle theme of the Grim Reaper’s son. It combines rap that’s unusually catchy, an electric guitar, a retro sounding synth, and, of all things, a Mouth organ! Never before have I heard such a weird and wonderful mix of all types of instruments compiled into one theme, and despite how mixed this battle theme is, it really works for Soul Eater, whose battles are hardly sane or conventional in their manner. It really fits the character too, as Kid is shown to be arguably the craziest of all the characters in this cast. No matter the situation, when this theme comes about, you know that Kid is going to be awesome, one way or another.


Claymore’s entire soundtrack just rocks. I mean, it would have to in this world of badass ladies armed with their gigantic swords. This theme seems to always come along at a part where we’re already biting our nails with fear, and it only amps up the fear and excitement we feel. The heavy bass guitar is such a contrast from the orchestrated classic music or chanting that usually comes around in Claymore, and gives us an otherworldy feel to the situation in hand. Of course, when the drums kick in, all hell breaks loose on screen as our eyes dart from left to right, barely keeping up with the cold and ruthless Clare. Oh, and that short little guitar solo in the middle just makes this piece. Don’t ask me how. It just does.

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