Top 10 Romance + Action Anime [Highly Recommended]

Sword Art Online

Romance + Action Genre is one of the most favorite genre of all time. Starting on no.10 we have

10) Omamori HimariOmamori Himari

It’s a cute love story which revolves around the love life or I should say daily life of the young boy Yuuto. Heir to one of the strongest demon slaying clans and the kind nature of his attracts a lot of girls to like him. The love scenes of him and Himari as well as Kuesu is heart touching. Though the animation is a bit old there is no lack in the quality of fight scenes.

9)Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry


On no.9 we have Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. The hero Kurogane Ikki is a F-rank Apprentice Knight and the heroine Stella Vermillion is the princess of another country. The striving love story of these two can really capture viewer’s heart. With good quality of animation and great fighting scenes this is one of the anime that every fan will love to see

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