Xbox One Vs Play Station 4 Sales 2016


Blake Jorgensen, the EA chief financial officer, said his firm estimated 55 million PlayStation 4 and Xbox One units, combined, in the marketplace as of present day.

Blake Jorgenson couched that figure as ‘almost 50 percent higher than previous console cycle,’and calling it a ‘very very positive news’.

In November, Sony claimed sales of 30.2 million PS4s worldwide, a figure that expanded to 35.9 million units (as reported by Sony) on January 3 2016.

If Blake Jorgensen’s number is any guide, then 55 million, minus the PS4’s 35.9 million claimed sales, leaves 19.1 million Xbox Ones sold since the console’s November 2013 launch.

That’s just short of a 2 to 1 advantage for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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