Anime: Top 10 Powers You Are Dying To Have [Part 2]

Anime Powers

Written by Shiggins & Claydragon

For a large number of us, these are probably the reason why we wish anime was real (others may wish anime was real due to all the women, but let’s not get into that). They’re flashy, unique, and just plain awesome, so it was only a matter of time before we did this list. For the purposes of this list, we’ve described the term ‘power’ as being ‘a distinctive ability unique to only a few characters that does not involve a transformation or being assisted by an outside source’, so things like Titan Shifting and Bankai are exempt from this list.

As is this the case with many of these lists, SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned.

10.)        Quincy Abilities (Bleach) (Written by ClayDragon)

Okay, so maybe these abilities aren’t as flashy as Bankai, but they still hit all the right notes. Originally a group of humans with the ability to sense Hollows, the Quincies began to eradicate them before the Soul Society wiped them all out (or so they thought). Instead of having bodies that are naturally full of Reishi, Quincies absorb ambient Reishi from their surroundings and use it in a variety of ways. For the most part, they use this technique to manifest a bow made out of pure Reishi and fire arrows at their opponents, but occasionally they’ve been seen to create knives and other weapons instead.

Quincies can also perform a variant of the flash-step, called Hirenkyaku (although there’s little to no difference between the two). They can also use a technique called Blut, which greatly increases both offense and defense by making Reishi flow through their blood vessels. The only downside to this is that the two forms of Blut that increase attack and defense can’t be active at the same time, so the user is forced to choose between attacking an opponent and leaving themselves vulnerable, or protecting themselves at the cost of being unable to fully attack the enemy.

Even if they have been defeated, a Quincy can use Ransō Tengai, which enables them to attach strings of Reishi to their own body and control themselves as they would a puppet, allowing them to continue fighting past the point where they shouldn’t be able to move. However, their most powerful ability is the Vollständig, which allows them to reach their maximum potential. It tends to give its user an angelic appearance, and lets them use a host of abilities, including the ability to literally tear apart any object made of Reishi (which, in this series, tends to be everything – including people).

9.)           Spatial Magic (Blood Lad) (Written by ClayDragon)

Let’s face it, any ability that allows you to manipulate the fabric of space was bound to make this list. This power, unique to Bell Hydra and her family, lets the user teleport across vast distances in the blink of an eye, and can even be used to travel into pocket dimensions. Provided that there’s a frame in place to act as a doorway, the portals can be placed anywhere, and can be any size necessary – from an inch across to a couple of metres wide.

Portal 1

In order to further increase the usefulness of this technique, Bell caries a collapsible frame with her at all times, and frequently uses it to mess with other characters or to escape from danger. Despite the fact that it wasn’t intended to be used in combat, the ability to create portals anywhere can come in very handy during fights. For example, Bell was able to easily defeat the main character Staz in a fight just by manipulating her frames in such a way that Staz’s punches were redirected back towards him, which resulted in him knocking himself out.

Even though this ability is known only to members of Bell’s family, one of the early villains in the series, Akimu, was able to use a more combat-oriented version of this power. Instead of using a collapsible frame, he used expanding rings through which he was able to attack his opponents or dodge out of the way. However, despite the fact that he had been given a fraction of Bell’s father’s magic, his powers were still no match for the real thing, as shown when Bell intervened in the fight between Akimu and Staz and cut him in half with one well-placed portal.

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