Naruto Storm 4: 37 Minutes of Free Battle Gameplay with Timestamps


Recent news for Naruto Storm 4 has shown off more gameplay for the game with its release about 2 weeks away for EU and JP. As the fans get excited, they are teased by hordes of videos of gameplay of Naruto Storm 4. The video below shows you most of the recent gameplay videos for Naruto Storm 4 in this order with their associated timestamp:

Various Character Previews – 00:00 to 03:00
Team 7 vs Eight Gates Guy, Kakashi & Rikudo Madara – 03:01
Naruto & Sasuke vs Eight Gates Guy & Rikudo Madara – 08:23
Sasuke, Naruto & Rikudo Madara vs Rock Lee, Orochimaro & Minato – 10:12
Kaguya, Kisame & Gaara vs Hashirama, Killer Bee & Mei – 17:46
Hinata, Kushina & Jiraiya vs Boruto, Fuu & Hidan – 25:20

Also experience another 25 minutes of Free Battle gameplay!

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