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Pain vs Obito

Naruto Battle: Nagato vs Obito, Who’d Win?

Previously we asked you to vote on which fight you wish we got to see in Naruto but never got to witness. Then we presented you the results and today we bring you the actual battles.

Let’s start with one I’ve always thought about, Nagato vs Obito!

Please note that I am only using facts and figures stated from either the manga or the databooks as they come from the creator directly. In saying that the databooks will be given a lower preference given to some inconsistencies they have been noted to have.

To keep this interesting neither fighter will be able to use a one shot kill because, in all fairness, we want to see the best battle we can.

For this battle Nagato will be at his strength from his battle with Naruto when he and Konan attacked the Leaf Village. Since Nagato has his Rinnegan that would logically give no reason for Obito to have them therefore Obito will be at his strength seen from his battle with Konan after Nagato’s death. The battleground will be the infamous Valley of the End made famous by Hashirama and Madara. Nagato’s real body will be hidden in the tree line above the waterfall.

Let’s take a look at both fighter’s skills and accomplishments before we begin.
First up, Nagato.

Access to the Rinnegan and its powers, such as:

-Animal Path with the ability to summon creatures with their own Rinnegan
-Asura Path with the power to turn the body into a weapon by creating blades, explosives etc
-Deva Path with the power to control attractive and repulsive forces on varying scales with a five second break in-between depending on the scale of the technique
-Human Path with the ability to forcibly interrogate a victim in a moment and tear out their soul
-Naraka Path with the power to summon the King of Hell and interrogate victims as well as heal any of the other Paths
-Preta Path with the ability to absorb chakra and ninjutsu
-Clarity of vision including the ability to see chakra, hidden barriers and read hidden writing
-The ability to master all five nature transformations
-The ability to create chakra receivers

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