Naruto Storm 4: Wanderer Sasuke, Hokage Naruto And Boruto Team Ultimate Jutsu


News for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 has unveiled with a bunch of new screenshots. To sum it up in a few lines, this is what has been announced:-
– Naruto will have his 7th Hokage Costume, included in DLC #1 “Shikamaru’s Tale” Extra Scenario Pack”
– Sasuke will have his “Wandering Shinobi” Costume included in DLC #2 “Gaara’s Tale” Extra Scenario Pack”
– Naruto & Boruto will get an exclusive Combination Technique, but only if you possess Boruto (so you need to preorder!)

A while back we found out that there will be 3 DLC Packs (here) and the contents of those DLC packs for Naruto Storm 4. Today, we have been shown in more detail what these DLC packs will possess in terms of costumes. Also there were some rumors that Adult Sasuke and Adult Naruto would be playable, however it turns out they were just costumes for Naruto Storm 4!

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