Top 10 Kages In Naruto – Weakest To Strongest

Strongest Kages

This list has been done before (obviously) but a lot of the time they are opinionated and not really based on facts. So here is my list after much research and and my drowned opinions. Here are the strongest Kage!


10. Tsunade, The Fifth Hokage


Now let me be clear here, in no way do I think Tsunade was a bad Hokage. This is a list of individual fighting power, not politics or governing. Anyhow Tsunade is one of the leaf villages strongest due to her raw strength and insane mastery over medical ninjutsu. Being able to implement medical ninjutsu both defensively and offensively, she could heal damage to herself and others in a fight. Using her Creation Rebirth, she can become effectively immortal (for a time) and quickly heal after being pierced by Madara’s susanoo blades and his Yasaka Magatama. However, Tsunade is strongest while others are fighting beside her, fully making use of her medical ninjutsu making her 10th on our list.

9.  Mei Terumi, The Fifth Mizukage


Mei is extremely powerful shinobi who has (brace yourself) 6 different chakra natures, two of which are Kekkei Genkai! Her lava release, and Boil release. Having so many jutsu in her arsenal makes her a match for just about anybody. Having the ability to create giant water dragons then quickly using her Lava Monster jutsu made for a deadly combination. It was also seen that her Boil release was enough to melt through a weakened Sasukes susanoo. Why on earth did Sasuke think fighting ALL the Kage was a good idea….

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