Tales Of Berseria Announced on Steam

talesofberseria cover

Finally JRPG are coming and Pc gaming can finally smile! The first trailer of this brand new edition of the famous and lucky videogame series ”Tales of” that reached this year its 20th year of life (and that will bring us also an anime about Tales of Zestiria from ufotable) is in English and let us know that the good amount of japanese games that reached our computers is going to count on another new member. Speaking of the game, it looks a little grim and dark (at least in a comparison with the other games of the series) and it explores some areas never seen by the heroes of our Tales. First whole, the protagonist is actually a ”heroine” (that at the first sight doesn’t look like that at all) and she’s going to be a pirate! That’s cool, in my opinion. The only thing that I didn’t appreciate of the trailer, is the graphic appearance of the game, it doesn’t change a lot from the previous game… and that’s not great to be completely honest (they still have time to improve that side anyways). But the most important thing is that the combact system keeps on being smooth and funny and the story maintains the usual rhytms ( a little hasted in the first parts, I hope ) and themes. And also… I’d like the usual ”smiley” and ”happy” Tales of, to be a little ”shaked” by this last and so interesting creature born by the Namco’s studios and that will reach our Steam libraries and ps4 probably in 2016! What do you think about Tales Of Berseria, are you happy about this first trailer? Write your ideas and reactions in the comments below!


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