Top 10 Anime Battle Music That Will Give You Chills

Anime Battle Music

Top 10 Anime Battle Music That Will Give You Chills

Hello everyone! As a musician, hearing awesome songs in anime really gets my heart going. It adds to the drama and gives that little bit extra that the Manga occasionally just can’t achieve. There are some songs that excel over the others, though, and here I have compiled, as always, in no particular order and with a one per series rule, my top ten favourite battle songs from anime!

Hagane Hakanetsu
Fairy Tail

It’s probably best that I have this one track per anime rule, otherwise it would be top ten best battle songs from Fairy Tail. It was really hard to select one particular song from this incredible series, especially as I feel that the music makes it an especially incredible watch, but I finally, after much deliberation, selected Hagane No Hakatsunen. No, I don’t know what it means.
I feel this theme is simply a masterpiece, as there is no part where it is ever boring. From the fast paced accelerating riff to the banshee wail of the guitar in the middle to represent the roar of some magical enraged being onscreen (Usually a Dragon Slayer), this song makes any battle double its intensity simply by playing the first ascending sequences at the beginning. From then on, it’s awesomeness at it’s best.

Strange Games
Tsubasa – Reservoir Chronicle

Coming from a series that makes quadratic functions seem simple is the battle theme of the resident wizard of Tsubasa, Fai. I’ll be honest, it’s the Sitar. Whoever had the incredibly original idea to include a Sitar into a soundtrack deserves a medal as it was an extremely risky move, but in this circumstance, it paid off. Fai is this otherworldly, airy-fairy character that comes from a world full of magic and mystery, and as such, his battle theme, Strange Games, reflects the very theme of the character in how odd it sounds for an anime. Don’t get me wrong, it creates tension and starts raising the goosebumps like the others, but what makes this song so unique is how it pictures Fai in battle as some celestial being descending to the battlefield to pass judgement on those who oppose him. A “Strange” theme to be certain, but one that most certainly rocks.

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