Champa’s Team Members’ Names Revealed

Team Champa members Names

Champa’s Team Members’ Names Revealed

The names of the characters in the team of the Universe 6, selected by Champa, the God of Destruction of the Universe 6.

We knew previously only one thing: one of the participants is a Saiyan, and his name confirmed alongside other characters’ names.

Champa's Team member Names
His name is Cabe/Kabe (キャベ) short – in my opinion – Japanese キャベツ, which comes etymologically from the English “cabbage”.

Saiyan names are always refers to vegetables, as Kakarotto (carrot) Broly (broccoli), Vegeta (Vegetables) etc. By cons, it remains unclear whether it is a boy or a girl.

Team Champa’s members’ names
ヒット(Heat): Reference to the heat?
キャベ(Kabe): The Saiyan
フロスト(Frost): Refers to the cold, as the people of Frieza.
ボタモ(Botamo): I suppose (but I could be wrong) that it could come from Botamochi, a Japanese pastry with rice and beans.
マゲッタ(Magetta): The robot

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