Naruto Storm 4: Online Game Modes And Ninja Treasures

Naruto Storm 4 Free Battle

The website for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 was recently updated and it gave us a refresh on Ninja Treasures and how they can be used. Ninja Treasures can be obtained throughout the game by simply battling people or most likely completing challenges. I most likely think they will be obtainable in online mode via Tournaments or Endless lobbies etc.

On the other hand, the website also depicts the various game modes that Naruto Storm 4 has to offer! Most of which, if not all, are old but we still enjoy them. Survival battle will allow you to battle a set amount of enemies with a single character with a single life bar. Although you do regenerate after every match. Free battle doesn’t need much explanation so I will skip to Tournaments! (Favorite) Tournaments are unchanged, however there may be more options available if CC2 have been listening to us at all. The League mode which was introduced in Naruto Storm Revolution will be returning for Naruto Storm 4, it offers you the chance to amend your mistakes and continuing your struggles to beat the finalists! The video below fully analyses the website’s translations by ShonenGamez!

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