Tokyo Ghoul Season 3?

Tokyo Ghoul Season

For all the tokyo ghoul fans who wished for a third season here is a good news for you .As we all know at the end of season 2 Kaneki was seen carrying the dead body of his best friend Hideyoshi,who is supposed to be hit by a ghoul.

Kaneki goes to have a battle with Arima,a special class ghoul investigator and is most likely Kaneki is supposed to be killed by Arima because of his superior fighting skills and bringing up the surmice that this should be the end of the series.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

But the good news is that Tokyo ghoul author Sui Ishida has started the manga Tokyo Ghoul : Re which potray a character named Haise Sasaki who is a ghoul investigator and has no memories of his past. It is considered that Haise is actually Kaneki whose memories have been washed after the incident at Anteiku.There is hope that tokyo ghoul season 3 will be made but now there are not enough chapters to make a season 3.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

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