Top 10 Fall 2015 Anime Openings


Hi there guys! Another season of anime is reaching its end and it gave us some nice series. Not only those, because this season was probably a memorable one for openings. This is my personal ranking, based mainly on music. I hope you’ll like it, if you do so, leave a comment below. If you don’t, feel free to give me advices and explain your reasons!  I apologize for not finding full-screen and hd videos, but I hope you’ll forgive me (I also hope that the songs will not be affected by copyrights issues, if that happens, I’ll change the videos immediately)

Now, let’s go ahead!

10. Utawarerumono

Suara’s voice is perfect for the anime and the old-fashioned melody sounds so good!

9. Haikyuu!! (Second Season)

I think that Spyair are getting pretty much famous in anime openings, but every single one that they made was a great injection of determination and in this case, they succeeded again!

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