New Studio Ghibli Movie

Studio Ghibli New Movie

A new Studio Ghibli film is coming out next fall in Japan!!

“The Red Turtle” is a co-production with the French company Wild Bunch, and the first feature film directed by Michael Dudok de Wit, who won an Oscar for his short film “Father and Daughter”.

Isao Takahata and other veteran Ghibli staff have contributed to it, and most of the animation was done at Ghibli’s studios in Japan.

I don’t think any synopsis info has been posted, but since the pictures look cool, de Wit’s shorts are awesome, and this is Ghibli we are talking about, I’m sure looking forward to it!

The project was first announced a few years ago (I think we posted about it then), and today Toho Company announced an expected Japanese release September 2016. It’ll probably be released in Europe at about the same time.

Here’s the synopsis: “It tells the story of a man who tries to escape from a desert island and battles a giant turtle. The film is without dialogue. It is the director’s first feature film.”

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